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but i don't need to be reminded a change is gonna come

i can feel it on the tip of your tongue

alois trancy ✗
5 November
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ahaha, alois/velociraptor = otp, am i a meme?, anteaters, arbitrary rules, bees, being active, being comforted, being essential, being taken care of, blood, bluebells, bold fashion statements, brothers grimm, butterflies, candlelight, canterbury, carpe diem, catch-me-if-you-can, changeling myth, cherry blossoms, chess, choir music, ciel phantomhive, claude faustus, claude monet, claude's fucking good cooking, cobwebs, costume parties, covering my ass, cross-dressing, crying, dancing, day and night, deep blue and gold, devil-may-care attitude, don't look at me, eels, emotions, enthusiasm, eternal enlightenment, excessive tildes~, fairies, family who isn't dead, fingerpainting (just kidding!), flowers, flowery fields, gas masks, german plum cake, glasses, go, go away you harlot, good smells, hannah annafellows, happiness, happy fun times, hedge mazes, hedonism, holding hands, human and inhuman greed, hummingbirds, impressionism, indecency, insects, jim macken, laughter, learning new things, life and death, lord trancy, luca macken, lullabies, lying to everyone, mind games, misogyny, mocking useless fools, mood swings, my precious, mysterious strangers, never letting go, new moon drop tea, noah's ark toy set, not being alone anymore, not being betrayed, not being psychoanalyzed, not being too slutty, not bleeding to death, not contracting the plague, not darkness, not exactly conforming, not gaudy paintings, not lying to myself?, not shitty peanut butter, not sleeping, not sword duels anymore, not-being-put-in-a-fucking-ring, optimism, oral fixation, philosophy, picking myself back up, pirates, playing in the water, playing tag until dawn, pleasure–pain principle, procrastinating, profanity, punishing rule-breakers, purple, reason for being, rejecting reality, ribbons, rivers, roses, sadism, salsa, satisfaction, scrambled eggs, sea slater, sequins, sexy leather boots, shocking others, should i panic yet?, showing too much skin, silk, smiling, sound of my voice, spider and the fly, spiders, spring, sugar and salt, sunshine, tag you're it!, tam lin, tango, tarot, tea, teasing ciel with bugs, the grand reveal, the great outdoors, thompson, timber, tithe to hell, travelling, twenty questions, uhuhu, unofficial mascot of rpanoncomm, vibrato singing sucks, violet, wastes of time, waxing poetic about eggs, women who aren't whores